Happy New Year 2015!

After a lovely, quiet evening spent with our neighbors, Jim and I actually were in bed before midnight.  We were still awake to hear the fireworks ushering in 2015.  Wow.  It’s 2015.  I remember when I danced to Prince and thought 1999 was so far in the future.  In five years, it will be 2020!  Crazy how life keeps going by faster and faster.

This year holds a lot for my family.

  • My oldest daughter begins her last semester in college and is student teaching in Republic, Missouri.  I’m so excited for her to be able to use her God-given talents and to pour into the lives of the 18 fifth graders that will be in her class.
  • In December, we will be gaining a new member in our family.  On December 27, Cathryn will be marrying her soul-mate.  They are perfectly matched, and I know God will bless their union.  Crazy how we sent her to Missouri to college to meet someone from here in Denver.  Our steps are definitely ordered by him!  There is a lot of planning and money to be spent this year!
  • Haleigh is continuing at Metro State University of Denver studying Nursing.  She is living downtown this year, which is a change for all of us.  She’s currently at home between semesters and spending a lot of time working.
  • The baby is a junior.  He’s been thinking a lot this year about careers, but his plans change weekly.  He loves the outdoors – fishing and hunting are what he loves.  He also is very much into health and nutrition.  With wrestling in high school comes a lot of physical fitness and being cognizant of what he eats.  Wondering if he might go into the fitness industry?

As I put up my new calendar, I always think of the possibilities of what the new year holds, and I have many dreams – not really resolutions, more like a bucket list!

  • Continued changes in our diet.  Jim and I are doing another Whole30 to kick off 2015.  I apologize in advance for the grouchiness that occurs in the first 5 days.  The Whole30 was a great way to start 2014.  If you don’t know about it, take a look!  www.whole30.com
  • Get back to running.  School really has taken too much of my time, and I haven’t had a good run since October.
  • A better balance between work and home.  I know teaching is my job, but I have to find a way to have some sort of a life outside of the classroom.  I need to figure out how to leave it at school.  I need joy back in my home life.
  • Continued time in the word.  I’m very excited about the Bible study that we’re doing at my church this winter.  I read the book “7” by Jen Hatmaker 2 years ago, and I can’t put into words the change in my heart.  The way I approach life and thinking about others changed.  I’m excited to lead a small group of women through this study and to see how it changes their lives.
  • Finish paying off debt using the 7 Baby Steps that Dave Ramsey uses.  It’s going to be a challenge considering we have a wedding to pay for!

What are YOUR dreams and goals for the year?


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