Whole30 Day 1. Again. Grrr.

So, I have just returned from 5 days in the midwest where I attended a funeral for a close family friend.  On the drive out, we brought fruit and nuts, water, and we had a salad with grilled chicken. Our plan was to try to be as compliant as we could be on Whole30, but it really was impossible.  We tried to explain our eating to them, but it went something like this.  Oh. Meat and vegetables?  Ok.  Can you eat smoked pork ribs?  Yes, we can.  If they are just smoked.  Can you eat potatoes?  (We were doing the Whole30 using the original plan – no potatoes)  Well, they added it to the list, so okay.  Dinner time comes, and they have put ribs slathered in BBQ sauce in front of us, potato salad (made with Miracle Whip, vinegar and sugar) and scalloped potatoes from a box, and…well you get the picture.  I mentioned how we weren’t eating sugar. They couldn’t fathom that there was sugar in any of it.  They just shrugged their shoulders and we ate.  We did get fresh green beans at the funeral.  So now, we’re back at it.  We did try to begin again on the trip back, but the salad dressing from Wendy’s wasn’t completely compliant, and Jim did have bleu cheese crumbles on his salad.  I grilled chicken, roasted brussel sprouts and made a large salad for dinner.  It was fantastic.

This really showed us how people are completely unaware of what they are putting in their mouths.  Yes, one of the first ingredients in BBQ sauce is sugar.  Miracle Whip is full of sugar and other things just to make it taste good.  Fake food.  It definitely didn’t taste as good as I remembered it.

I have It Starts With Food on my Kindle and read all about the hormones and brain function to Jim in the car.  I got a lot of “wow” or “hmm.,,” from him.  I think he’s getting the science behind it now.  He got onto me for using the tv to put me to sleep at night.  I’ll now use the radio as white noise.  If they could only put Downton Abbey on earlier.  The reading got us both thinking of health problems that some members of our family are having and wondering if it would help them.  He talked to his brother about how he lost 30 pounds last year and his brother was talking to him about the details.  Hoping that we can get them on the right track of healthier eating.  Or at least being more aware of what they are putting in their mouths.

Today, I got up late.  I’m blaming Downton Abbey and my cortisol levels – all stemming from the tv making me think it was still light outside.  For breakfast, I had black coffee and scrambled eggs with spinach, red pepper and avocado.

Lunch was a leftover chicken breast I made last night on a salad with a mixture of balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Dinner will be Chocolate Chili and raw carrots and celery.

I’m just praying I don’t go through withdrawals again.


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