Ask and you shall receive.

I had some people ask me last week if I was still doing the blog.  Since we finished the Whole30 in February, I stopped, but I thought I’d post some new recipes.

It’s April.  Almost late April.  We’ve been straying from Paleo for the last month and we all can feel it.  I decided to do some meal planning to get us back on the right track.  I went to Pinterest, and one of the sites had a four-week whole-30-ish plan.  I saw a few places where they strayed a little, but overall, it looked good.

I printed out their menu and I got to making out the grocery list.  We were out of a few Paleo must-haves like Coconut Oil, maple syrup and Olive Oil, so they had to go on the list.  One thing I like about eating Paleo is that it really is reasonably priced.  I bought an entire cart of food for our family for the week (including lunches) and it was only $118 at Sprouts.  This included all the must-haves, too.  It’ll feed 3 of us.  James eats for two these days and yet we’ll have a lot of leftovers, too.

The first thing that I made was a fabulous breakfast casserole that could definitely pass as a dessert.  It’s called Apple Bumpkin Breakfast Casserole.  It reminds me of a souffle and pumpkin and apple pie combined.  The texture is light, but it has apple chunks in it.  Topped with some sliced almonds and some coconut, I’ll be having it for breakfast every morning.  It serves 12, and the servings are very large.  It calls for a lot (1/3 to 1/2 cup) of maple syrup, but I only used 2 Tbsp.  With a full can of coconut milk, it is plenty sweet.  The 8 eggs gives the dish a decent protein serving, too.

The other recipe was a spin-off on a family favorite.  Cabbage and Sausage Delight.  I found an msg-free, nitrate and sugar free smoked sausage at Sprouts.  $4.99 a package.  It called for two of them, but only one head of cabbage.  Next time I’ll double the veggies because we love cabbage and carrots at our house.  I also cut the salt by 75% because the sausage is pretty salty.  There’s enough leftovers for the boys tomorrow night while I’m at a meeting for work.

Can’t wait to try some more of the recipes on the menu plan.  My daughter, Cathryn, will be back in early May and has requested a Whole 30.  We’re thinking about it.


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