So, the WHOLE family is doing the Whole 30 again, starting Thursday

Yeah, we wanted to start today, but on Wednesday evening we’re going to my daughter and future son-in-love’s wedding venue for the dinner tasting.  I bought all of the groceries for the week and was ready to rock ‘n roll today.

This morning, I had turkey sausage and scrambled eggs and some yoghurt with fruit for breakfast.  I know it isn’t compliant for Whole30.  I’m not sure if the turkey had nitrates and the yoghurt is definitely not on my list.  I made Chicken Tortilla Soup last night to get me through lunches for the week.  I was still full from breakfast so I didn’t eat lunch.  I know, another Whole30 snafu.

If you don’t know the rules, here they are.  Whole 30 Rules.

I went ahead and made dinner for tomorrow night because I have Meet the Teacher Night.  I made one of my favorite grilled chicken dishes –Mustard Lime Chicken.  I double the marinade and it was enough for 8 small-to-medium chicken breasts.  This is one that I like to make ahead and freeze.  I make a huge batch of the marinade, pour it into freezer bags and place the chicken breasts in, rub them around until they’re covered, and then freeze until needed.  Leftovers are always great on salad the next day.

For tonight, I made MY absolute favorite Whole30 meal.  Blackened Salmon with Mango-Avocado Salsa.  Yum.  I grilled some yellow and italian squash with olive oil with pepper and a tiny of salt.  I’m sitting here waiting for my family to arrive to eat…

Watch for more starting Thursday!


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