Happy New Year! Happy 4th Whole 30

Welcome to 2016!  I’m sure I’ll write checks with 2015 on them for a few more weeks.  The years are seeming to go by quicker as I get older.  Our family just celebrated the wedding of my oldest daughter on December 27. I just don’t feel old enough to have a child that is married.  It really brings into perspective of how I am actually aging.  In my head I feel 25 or 26. The realization comes when I look in the mirror and see the natural highlights that have become my crowning glory and the marks around my eyes and mouth that show the happiness and laughter I’ve experienced through the years.

Each year brings the temptation to create resolutions for myself.  I have tried to not stop doing something, but to change a habit that I have.  Two years ago I completed my first Whole30.  It was such a freeing experience to leave the food addictions behind.  I learned how to eat to live.  We’ve done three more since then, and after the crazy December we had, we decided to start our year off with another one.  It’s always just a reset – a way to get my head back in the game.

I spent the day yesterday prepping for our month.  The refrigerator and pantry were cleared out and groceries were purchased.  After doing three previous Whole30s, I know what our family likes and what recipes get us through the hard first week.    Today’s menu is:

Breakfast – Sweet potato / apple / spinach / ham hash.  With lots of pepper and avacado

Lunch – Salad and chicken tortilla soup

Dinner – Stuffed acorn squash with sausage and salad

Snacks – only if necessary – nuts or apples with almond butter

Most of the recipes are ones I located on Pinterest or in the Whole30 cookbook.  I use Paleo recipes but tweak them to make them Whole30 compliant.

Join me!  Comment below if you have questions and I’ll be your biggest cheerleader.  It’s not hard.  You don’t have to eat what you don’t want to.  YOU CAN DO IT!





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