So, the new year begins again!  A time for re-evaluating our lives to see what can be improved on.  My personal health goals are to eat Paleo 99.99% of the time and to increase my cardio workouts to 5 days per week.  Our family will begin by our annual Whole30 cleanse.  It’s nice to get… Continue reading 2017

5280 Produce Box – December 10, 2016

Our family eats 90% paleo.  Shocking, because my husband is in the wholesale bread business!  Because the holidays are so filled with indulgence, the produce box from 5280 Produce is a way to keep the clean eating on track!   Their produce is always fresh, and this week, I have a challenge for using some… Continue reading 5280 Produce Box – December 10, 2016

5280 Produce – December 3rd Box

My normal Saturday morning includes waking early, and driving into Denver with my husband to pick up my produce box from 5280 Produce.  We then have a “breakfast date” at one of the many local breakfast spots close by.  This amazing company is doing a great service to the food desert of Northern Denver.  What you… Continue reading 5280 Produce – December 3rd Box