About Jackie

Hi! I’m Jackie. I’m a mom and a blogger in love with natural, simple, Christian living and parenting. I blog about topics that move me, things that I’ve learned, and things I’m still learning. I have a twenty-four year old daughter  and a son-in-law, a twenty-two year old daughter and a nineteen year old son. Although I fall into the “crunchy” category of moms, there are no extremes here. I don’t follow certain crunchy principles for the sake of being different or fitting into a mold. I just do what I think is best for my family. I hope this blog can be a place for people of different backgrounds to come and offer their advice, and learn from one another.I know this sounds cheesy but I really love to learn, and to share with others what I’ve learned. I have a degree in education so sharing what I learn is important to me. But most of what I’ve learned is from my own curiosity, experiences, and self-study. I love to encourage others to be their own teachers, and to question everything. We all have access to the same information as doctors, educators, and other professionals. It’s just a matter of digging around to find what we’re looking for. Of course, experienced professionals can be great help, but we have to help ourselves too. Knowledge is power!

Being a mom and wife is the most fulfilling job in the world. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s not easy though. It’s a daily struggle to raise my children in this broken world. I long to live life as God originally intended, but I am forced to improvise. I try every morning to pray (although sometimes I forget, and you can tell), Lord, please help me to be the best wife and mother I can be today. Give me the patience, energy, resources, and wisdom to do this job properly. And Lord, when I fail, please raise our kids right. Amen.

How I Became Crunchy

Growing up, I was raised in the suburbs by parents who were crunchy.  We raised our own food and canned it for the winter.  We recycled.  We composted.  Our trees were fruit trees.  We bought things second-hand.  My mom made my clothes.  Really, we were poor, but it never seemed like it!  We were blessed to have everything we NEEDED. Not wanted, but needed.

About seven years ago I found out that I have a genetic heart valvular disease called bicuspid aortic valve. Eventually I will have to have the aortic valve in my heart replaced.  Getting this diagnosis has definitely encouraged me even more to treat the body that God gave me as best as I possibly can. Through this blog I hope to encourage readers to take charge of their own health, and take a preventive approach, so that we can stop the downward spiral of increasing sickness and disease.

My Food Philosophy

I think my food philosophy is pretty simple. Basically, I believe in using food to prevent illness and to heal my body. I follow the latest health and nutrition research and try my best to feed my family accordingly. With this blog, I try to keep in mind that there are many others like me who can’t just go to the local farmer and buy raw, organic sheep’s milk for $11 a gallon, or order $18 grass-fed beef gelatin online. When I write posts I will definitely tell you what is best to eat, but I will also try to offer less expensive alternatives that are still healthy. Remember, healthy living should not be a burden or a chore. Having a good attitude about food is what’s most important! So have fun with it!

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